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Fitness Services

Here at Energy Fitness Professionals, we believe that providing a full range of corporate fitness solutions and services will benefit your staff. The services we provide are specifically designed so that your employees hit their goals, in and out of the office. By providing your colleagues with a range of corporate health options, you will motivate them to exercise often, boosting team energy levels and increasing productivity in the workplace.

The corporate fitness services that we provide are aimed at helping your colleagues to get results and to increase their levels. If you can get your staff moving in their free time, you'll be sure to see that they are more energised in the workplace. Plus, a key benefit of providing a variety of corporate fitness solutions is the way that leisure activities encourage staff to network and to build relationships across the work hierarchy.

We customise our corporate fitness solutions to suit you:

Having a well-equipped gym is essential, however, the one thing many companies miss is being able to provide the correct services to suit their team's needs. We can personalise your gym or programming to ensure that your staff get the results they want. The corporate fitness services we provide are tailored to meet your needs allowing you to customise what the gym
offers, and currently, we provide:

  • Gym and Fitness Inductions
  • Personal Programmes
  • Group Exercise
  • Personal Training
  • Weight Management and Right Track Courses
  • Additional services such as Physiotherapy, Osteopathy, and Nutrition services

With our range of corporate fitness services, we can create a solution that best fits your company, allowing the gym to cater for all employees. No matter how small or large your onsite fitness centre is, we can create a structure and program that fits you. To discuss your corporate fitness solutions, call 01276 64182 or leave a message .

Corporate Fitness Providers, Corporate Fitness Solutions, Energy Fitness Professionals, Onsite gym, employee benefits

What do we need from you?

There are certain requirements that we need from you in order to optimise your workplace with corporate fitness solutions:

  • Minimum of 850 square feet
  • 250 plus employees

If you are able to meet these requirements, we can provide a no obligation meeting . This allows us to answer any questions you may have and be able to assess your needs to in order to tailor the fitness centre to you.

We have a flexible approach allowing us to incorporate your ideas with ours, creating a unique corporate fitness centre for your employees. A management proposal will be created to outline all services and costs giving you an accurate summary of what you will receive. We believe this helps give you a peace of mind, and once happy, we will do the work to put it all together. When putting it together, we ensure that you are involved in the process to ensure you are 100% happy, every step of the way.

Book your no-obligation meeting today: