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Interval Training

Interval Training – 5 reasons why it is perfect for businesses

One thing that all business people have in common is the need to see results. At Energy Fitness Professionals, we don’t hang around in business or in fitness, and one of our favourite gym solutions is interval training. Could it be your solution too? Interval training is hard and there’s no getting around it, but…
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Optimise your fitness by optimising your nutrition

Nutrition is the foundation for health and well-being. Getting nutrition right is just as important as training, but most people find it very hard to portion their meals and have very little time to prepare it all. For people working a full-time job, being able to cook all their meals in advance can often take…
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5 reasons why you should encourage employee fitness

As a company, you want to promote employee fitness so that your employees are working at their full potential. But what are most companies missing? Companies will spend hours and hours thinking about how they can improve their employees’ performance, but essentially, there are too many things preventing it. The average working person will experience…
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Onsite Company Gyms

Have you been considering the option of installing an onsite company gym in your commercial premises? Here at Energy Fitness Professionals, we have supported many businesses across the UK by implementing fitness solutions into their company and aimed at their employees. Onsite company gyms are the solution when you want to give back to staff;…
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