Case Studies


A large nationwide postal company had approximately 35 Fitness Centres UK wide, and in 2002 they were all being funded and managed internally.  It was decided however that this was no longer a cost that they wanted to bear, so they performed a cost saving exercise.

The gyms were very varied in size.  Some were quite small with around 50 members and then there were much larger facilities with over 600 members. The equipment at these sites also varied heavily in age and quality.

They were looking for a company to initially oversee the management of 18 of these facilities, and through consultation with Energy Fitness Professionals created one management contract to cover all of these diverse sites.


Options were discussed and it was decided that all sites would be required to pay a management fee to Energy Fitness Professionals, and the cost of the gym membership was required to cover this fee. This meant that the organisation were not financially responsible for the Fitness Centres and were therefore able to save money whilst still offering the facilities.

All Fitness Centres were required to have a minimum of 16 hours supervision each week in order to carry out inductions, appointments, reports and Health & Safety checks.

EFP met with all Fitness Centres locally to discuss the introduction of this new policy, and helped the sites to set a membership fee.  This fee had to be set as low as possible as the members were not always used to paying for the facilities, however it also had to be able to cover management fees and maintenance contracts as required.

EFP also supplied reduced cost fitness equipment to those sites that were in need of modernisation.  This included, in some cases, donating equipment if the site was unable to fund this.  EFP also helped the sites to apply for funding through their organisation for equipment purchases.

It was discussed with the individual committees what improvements could be made within the facility.
A manager was recruited to ensure the facility would run smoothly, and to promoted the Fitness Centre to increase membership and profit of the Fitness Centres.

Services Provided
  • Inductions
  • Health Checks
  • Lifestyle Consultations and Personal Programmes
  • Classes
  • Sports & Social Activities
  • Personal Training
  • Dedicated Instructor Programmes
  • Weight Management Courses
  • Healthy Heart Programme
  • Cholesterol and Glucose Testing
  • Bodystat Testing
  • GP Referral Programme
Benefits under EFP Management

Since Energy Fitness Professionals won this contract, the number of self funded Fitness Centres has risen from 18 to 25, including 3 brand new facilities.

These Fitness Centres are running at no cost to the organisation and continues to offer fitness facilities to over 7000 staff members UK wide for an average of £2.30 per week.

With the knowledge that EFP has gained over the past 6 years, they have been able to help new sites set up with internal funding from their organisation that is available to all, but not everyone is aware of.

The Committees are all volunteering to help with the running of the Fitness Centres, and EFP are able to take away the majority of problems or issues that they might encounter.  This reduces their stress levels and allows them to focus on their core work.

With a single management company running this many facilities, their “Head Office” are able to liaise with one company as, opposed to 25 committees, and can implement new policies or procedures with ease through the management company.


“The decision to outsource the management of the Fitness Centres has meant that all of our sites are operated with a professional uniformity throughout; something that was missing prior to Energy Fitness Professionals appointment.   This has provided us with a real financial saving and peace of mind that all of our sites are now being operated correctly.”